Single-Use Tubes

Unette’s single-use tubes offer exceptional convenience, performance, and economy. That’s because they offer these benefits:


  • Exciting presentation
  • Tamper evident
  • Easy-tear tip or Cut-tip
  • Directional flow
  • Wide range of graphic options
  • Available in plastic and foil laminates

Unette Tear-Top Tubes are the proven way to sample products or sell single-use portions of liquids or creams. They are available in sizes from 0.5ml to 60ml (2 oz.) and a variety of styles.

Flexible Structures

Unette Foil Laminates provide superior barrier properties and maximum product protection.
Unette offers Unit-of-Use Tubes with a foil laminate structure that’s available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They provide easy opening packages for the consumer. In addition, the Foil Laminate Tubes are the perfect package for such cosmetic and personal care products as sunscreen and specialty lotions because they offer superior barrier protection against moisture transmission and UV light exposure. They are also more cost effective than traditional plastic tubes. Foil Laminates can be custom designed to meet various customer needs.

Unette Plastic structures offer product visibility and a variety of barrier properties.
Unette offers several plastic structures including EVA, EVOH, and Saran® laminates.

Tip Designs

Extreme Directional Flow (EDF) Tip directs its contents EXACTLY where needed..
Single-Use Tube is perfect for applications where it is important to ensure that the product is dispensed exactly where it is intended.

Flag Tip offers easy tearing of plastic structures with directional flow.

Copicap Tip mimics the caps on various bottles.

Drumcap Tip replicates a cap found on rigid tubes.

Customized Tips for specific needs
Unette can modify the shape of the Single- Use Tube to match that of your full size container, or extend the bottom pinch-off area to accept bar coding, lot coding, and a hole punch for retail display hangers.

Graphic Options

Decorating Flexibility to Match Any Design Scheme 
Unette decorating combinations are almost endless. The Plastic Structures are available in clear and white with your custom artwork hot stamped in single or two colors including brilliant foils on one or two sides. Unette’s Foil Laminates are available in white and silver and can also be hot stamped up to two colors with your custom artwork on both sides. Unette can reproduce the most sophisticated, high resolution, 7 color process or spot color graphics on our foil laminates. The tubes can be printed in full color end to end. This allows you to match the appearance of other products contained in your product line. And for sampling campaigns, Unette can create a miniature look-alike of your full size package — no matter how simple or sophisticated it may be.