Quality Assurance

Unette offers the following services and solutions:

  • Standard Operating Procedures, in addition to developing specific requirements set by the client.
  • Continuous in-house “Training Programs”.
  • Our quality assurance personnel act as a support team to ensure the highest standard of quality to each client.
  • Provide laboratory data from accredited facilities.

Unette’s Quality Assurance team acts as a “work in process” department because of the ever-changing nature of industry standards and product-specific processing requirements. Many of our clients are impressed with the way we acclimate to each and every new government requirement as it arises. Our Quality Assurance team also acts as a liaison for each customer, thereby ensuring that products are manufactured to the highest level of quality and meet necessary standards. All team members undergo continuous education by our in-house training programs. We follow strict “Standard Operating Procedures” and are continuously improving upon existing current standards.

Customer Service

One of the things that helps Unette stand apart is our strong focus on customer service. If you are our customer, we will assign you one of our representatives who will be your single contact; one person at Unette that knows everything about your order and follows it through from receiving it to shipping the finished product and beyond.

Your Unette contact will take your account personally, and will work with all departments at Unette to ensure that your order is produced on time and with the kind of high quality each of our customers have come to know and expect.

Your customer service representative will act as a facilitator with our engineering, production, graphics, inventory control, and freight departments to handle any special requirements that may arise. Count on your Unette contact to:

  • Be readily available by phone, e-mail, and fax
  • Coordinate deliveries from vendors
  • Support special requirements
  • Track and report production and inventories
  • Arrange for secondary packaging
  • Coordinate the shipment of finished goods

Storage & Inventory Control

Unette Corporation maintains 75,000 square feet of storage / warehousing space. This area is primarily used for pallet racking, bulk, and component storage. This footprint was designed to ensure an efficient production flow throughout our process.

Inventory Control
Efficient inventory control is maintained for each component from delivery to shipment of finished goods. All of our inventory processes allow Unette the flexibility to control our stock by FIFO, lot expiration, or by any other avenue the client may request. Random cycle counting is performed throughout each month to ensure inventory accuracy, and we are staffed to perform and document full physical inventories and product reconciliation upon a customer’s request.

Our entire facility is equipped with state of the art fire protection and security systems, including internal and external video monitoring.