About Us


Unette Corporation, the originator of single-use tubes, has been producing tubes since 1955 and continues to increase its production capabilities. In the beginning flexible packaging was Unette’s only offering and continues to be a strong part of its sales today. Flexible packaging has since come to be the hottest marketing trend because of its acceptance by consumers as being convenient and friendly to the environment.

Unette began its operations in a 13,000 sq. ft. facility and moved many times into larger facilities to meet expanding production requirements. The company expanded its operations in 2011 to a new environmentally friendly 115,000 square foot facility in Randolph, New Jersey. The new facility continues to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and is FDA registered. Current owners and operating officers, Joe and Carol Ann Hark, have been with Unette Corporation since 1983.

Unette added contract filling of bottles, jars, and rigid tubes in 1990. Today, Unette operates 12 fully equipped lines that fill and cap a large and growing volume of containers from 1/10 to 32 fluid ounces including bottles with off-center and angled necks. Bottle filling continues to grow and together with labeling, tamper-evident seals, ink-jet coding, and secondary bottle packaging, represents a significant portion of Unette’s contract liquid filling business.

Customers often utilize Unette tubes, bottles, and jars as part of multi-component promotions. Unette offers a host of ancillary services including: printing, carding, bagging, boxing, and distribution of finished, assembled items such as P.O.P. packaging, hand-outs, mailing pieces, displays, and dispensers.

Unette has a fully operational machine shop on premises providing the necessary capabilities to keep our customers’ orders on schedule.

Unette has also expanded into the European market. Unette established an exclusive licensing agreement with Packaging Services Unette, Ltd. in Manchester, England, where a new facility opened under the name Unette European Operations.



Our 115,000 square foot facility boasts a production floor that is highly illuminated using energy efficient lighting in addition to natural lighting. The production floor accommodates 12 bottle/jar filling lines, 3 rigid tube fillers, 7 Unette form, fill, and seal unit-dose machines, and two liquid Stick Pack machines.

Adjacent to the production floor is our Quality Assurance lab which accommodates twelve technicians providing around-the-clock quality checks.

Cleaning and Support has been strategically placed to meet FDA guidelines for cleaning filling equipment.

Customer product and components are stored in a 75,000 square foot warehouse with access to six indoor loading docks.


Unette accommodates a diverse list of customers including some of the most respected names in the cosmetic and personal care industries.